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The Insane Lives of George Whitefield and John and Charles Wesley

If you aren't aware (and you should be😊), I host a podcast called Do Theology with Jeremy Howard , in which we seek to keep doctrine in its place. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, rate, review, share, and all that jazz. Anyways, we recently had Joel and Troy from Revived Thoughts on our podcast. Revived Thoughts is a great podcast that brings some of the greatest sermons of church history to life while providing biographical information about the original preachers. We had them on to talk about doing theology in church history when there are many different theological positions represented. In particular, we talked about the lives of Geroge Whitfield and John and Charles Wesley and how they managed to maintain their relationships despite significant theological differences. Revived Thoughts also released an episode of a sermon read by Jeremy that was originally preached by John Wesley at the funeral of Geroge Whitfield. If you haven't listened to these two podcasts,