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The Charismatic's Escape Hatch

The following article was initially drafted shortly after the 2020 election. I don't know why I never published it. I finished editing it and am publishing it now. Prior to the 2020 election, the vast majority of the charismatic "apostles" and/or "prophets" were claiming to have a word from the Lord, and that word was that that President Trump would secure re-election. When that didn't happen (and let's just set aside the all the voting issues for the moment), I thought this could be the perfect opportunity to challenge some of my charismatic friends on the seemingly and glaringly obvious issue that these individuals made very public, very specific prophecies, and it didn't happen. What gives? However, that was when I learned that charismatics have a fail-safe. They have an escape hatch. Every time a prophecy fails, there is an out. I was told that the reason Trump didn't return to the office was because we, as the church, didn't have enough

Escapism: the Eschatological Unforgiveable Sin

This blog post was drafted a couple years ago and never published because the content was revised and presented at the IFCA Convention in Albuquerque, NM. That seminar was recorded and released on the Do Theology Podcast, which you can listen to here and watch here . I recently came across the draft and figured I would go ahead and publish the article. Escapism. Escapist.  I've grown to hate these words. It's a common jab from those of differing viewpoints directed against those who hold to the eschatological position I do: "You guys have embraced an escapist mindset that prevents you from engaging the culture." I'd like this one to be put to bed. What is escapism or an escapist mindset? It is said that an escapist mindset seeks to disconnect from society and culture while waiting, praying, and hoping for the imminent rapture of the church: because the whole world is just going to continue to get worse and worse, and since we are so obviously so close to the rapt