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What to make of the Coronavirus?

2ND EDITORIAL NOTE: When I wrote this there was a lot of information that was unknown, and a lot of false reports that had not yet been revealed as false. COVID did not turn out to be what it seemed to be shaping up to be in the early stages and I also believe I missed what might have been clearer to others in the early stages, and only came to see clearer what it was later on in the year. Nevertheless, the second half of the article about thinking through disasters is still an appropriate way to process through hardships as they come, even if I would qualify or modify a few of my views since this was initially published. Editorial note: Why did I choose to write about the coronavirus? Honestly, part of it was processing my own heart and emotions as I see the headlines, track the spread, and anticipate the future. I've had to put my own heart in check, submit to Christ's commands regarding anxiety, and direct myself back to trusting the Lord through uncertain times. This is the