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What to make of the Coronavirus?

Editorial note: Why did I choose to write about the coronavirus? Honestly, part of it was processing my own heart and emotions as I see the headlines, track the spread, and anticipate the future. I've had to put my own heart in check, submit to Christ's commands regarding anxiety, and direct myself back to trusting the Lord through uncertain times. This is the fruit of that. I hope it is helpful. Stats/Maps: [A] [B] [C] The Novel Coronavirus; aka 2019-nCoV; aka SARS-CoV-2; aka COVID-19. A rose by any other name, amirite? Many people have said many things regarding the new disease that is exploding across the world. Despite exponential growth in multiple nations, as of this writing, there are still some who are hesitant to label this a pandemic. It is my belief that this will change soon, and it will be globally recognized as a pandemic in the coming days or weeks. I’ve kept a pretty close eye on this for around a month now, and it’s fascinating to read the