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The Reliability of the Biblical Text

Some time ago I wrote a series of articles on the practical applications of our church's doctrinal statement. This article was a companion article to that series, specifically to the article on the Holy Scriptures. Some might read the previous post on the doctrine of the Scriptures and say “well, that’s how we should respond if the Bible is true, but how do we even know it is true? How can we be sure that the Bible we read today even says the same thing it said 2,000 years ago?” I deliberately avoided dealing with such issues in that post because the series is focused on the practical outworking of our theology, not on apologetical and/or polemical arguments. Therefore, that post simply assumed the veracity and trustworthiness of the Scriptures. However, in light of the fact that many people today attempt to malign the Bible by saying things like “we only have copies of copies of copies and, like a game of telephone, the message has gotten very distorted” I thought that I w

The Unchanging Word of God

This article was first written for and published in the IFCA News Connection, an email publication of news and encouragement of IFCA Int . You can find the edition in which this article was published by clicking here , and you can subscribe to receive that e-newsletter by clicking here . The Unchanging Word of God By Kenn Chipchase In 1970, archeologists were sorting through some ancient remains of a village called En-Gedi that had suffered from a fire way back in approx. 600 A.D. They found an ancient charred document amongst the remains but were unable to unroll and read the scroll for fear of damaging the badly overcooked piece of animal-skin parchment. Researchers have been forced to ignore their curiosity in the contents of the scroll until a later time when new methods were developed. Those new methods have arrived. With recent advances in technology, researchers have finally been able to find out what was written in that document.  Using a complex instrument n