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What N.T. Wright Gets Wrong About the Coronavirus

N.T. Wright, New Testament scholar and theologian Christianity Offers No Answers About the Coronavirus That’s the headline of an article on the Times Magazine Ideas section of their website. Its author? N.T. Wright. More like N.T. Wrong. First, who is this guy? N.T. Wright has been an interesting figure on the scene of Christianity for quite some time. He once was lauded as a go-to resource for information on the historical background surrounding the New Testament. However, he has since written some things that lead to questions over his understanding of key Christian doctrines, and when challenged about those issues his answers are less than clear . At best, he’s a convoluted writer/speaker who repudiates caricatures . At worst he is not an orthodox Christian because he has abandoned central Christian doctrines . Where he fits in that spectrum has been and remains a topic of debate within Christianity. I don’t intend to weigh in on my thoughts on Wright’s theol