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What I've Learned in One Year of Open-Air Preaching

1975 words | 6-8 Min If you're not aware, I'm church planting in Southern Indiana. When we started this work we came in with a strong commitment to evangelism and outreach, which is reflected in our church's purpose statement: " We exist to glorify God by proclaiming Christ that every individual in our reach might hear, believe, and follow Him ." This reflects several passages of Scripture, including the Great Commission , Col 1:28-29 , and  Rom 10:14  "how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?"  We had a variety of ways we were pursuing outreach when we first got started back in 2019, but when the whole world got shut down by you-know-what, we had to begin to think differently about how we did outreach. It seemed unwise for us to go knocking on doors, and most people were visibly afraid to have face-to-face conversations.  We had a dilemma: people needed the hope of the Gospel a