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To Live Is Christ

This blog has been neglected for some time. I recently logged in and discovered several drafts that I wrote and never published. Why I never published them I do not know. Below is an article I wrote in August of 2021 while I was preaching through the book of Philippians. I lightly edited it and am publishing it now. Some time ago I preached through the book of Philippians, and it was a tremendous study. We saw the beauty and glory of Christ as he promises to finish the good work He started (1:6); we see him at work, despite our hardships (1:12-18); and we see him as the humble servant highly exalted (2:9-11) the one for whom it is worth suffering the loss of all things that we might know him (3:8). Philippians contains several verses and passages that are beloved by believers are common to commit to memory, and very well worth the effort! As we worked through chapter one, however, we came across a passage that is very well known but I became convinced often receives misplaced emphasis.